Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things to Bring for a Paintball Challenge

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Obviously you must come with a proper attire to play paintball. Some people feel much macho to dress up in full camo combat wear and with other added safety equipment.

Paintball hits can leave bruises and whelps. I personally recommends protective wear for paintball which it should be for comfort and protection. Remember your safety is very important.

We at Dusun Ali King would like to recommend you guys to wear the following paintball safety items for your own safety. To mention a few :-
  • Safety face mask. It will be provided on site or perhaps you may want to use your own camo mask.

  • You must wear durable running shoes or boots for running comfort.

  • We recommend long pants and long sleeve shirts (baggy for the best results). Please try to avoid exposing any skin when playing the game. You may want to wear shorts and a t-shirt underneath for added padding.

  • For added protection bring along a cap (to wear on top of your safety face mask), your gloves and ankle guard.

  • Bring along a sweat towel or anything to wrap around your neck for protection.

    You can buy a specialized

    neck protector, others use just a bandana folded up and tied around your neck. For more protection you can place a tube sock diagonally on a bandana, then roll the bandana around it and tie the bandana around your neck. Your throat can be a very vulnerable place to be hit.

  • We have a shower and two reasonable size fresh water pools for your extra refreshment, so don't forget to bring along your shorts and shampoo.


For more info about Dusun Ali King Paintball, please call Azrai 012-695-0044 or Kamal 012-673-6313 or Email: or go to:

For Location/Map: see Attachment or Link below

'New' Scenario Woodsball War Zone

'New' Scenario Woodsball War Zone

Well, it seemed like it was time for a change, so here it is, the unveiling of the NEW …

Scenario Woodsball War Zone @ Dusun Ali King Paintball

This is our latest unbunkered field - use every natural obstacle you can in this fast paced woods game. This field features wooded terrain with lots of natural cover, including trees, bushes, boulders, terrains and a small stream flows thru.

Several trails have been cut through the course to allow teams to quickly maneuver from one side to the other. Several scenario games can be played on the course. Currently we have the course setup for ‘Capture the Flag’. The course will be under constant development to improve the game play.

Experience this new and exciting course. See how long you can survive when you can make shots base to base off the start!

Don't Waste Your Time Or Money!

We are the closest field in town. Only a 30 minute drive from K.L. or only 5 minutes from UIA Campus.

For bookings & inquiries, please call :-

Azrai: 012-695-0044
Kamal: 012-673-6313

Direction to Dusun Ali King Paintball

Direction to Dusun Ali King Paintball

Our Dusun Ali King recreational park is about 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur or about 4km away from Gombak Toll Plaza of Karak Highway or 1km from UIAM (University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia) main entrance gate towards Jalan Kg. Sg. Pusu.

From Batu Caves.

If you are coming from Batu Caves see Giant Hypermarket & Taman Sri Gombak intersection, drive to Karak Highway, now you see SHELL petrol station (the 2nd SHELL) keep and turn LEFT before the Gombak Toll Plaza.......


From Hulu Kelang.

If you are coming from Hulu Kelang MRR2, on your left you will see LRT Putra Station and SHELL petrol station, then keep and turn LEFT to Karak Highway towards UIAM // Kg. Sg. Pusu......

Now drive towards UIAM // Kg. Sg. Pusu about 2km from this junction to the 1st traffic lights; turn RIGHT and to the 2nd traffic lights of UIAM main entrance and go ahead to the 3rd traffic lights. Pass the 3rd traffic lights and drive slowly towards Kg. Sg. Pusu another 0.5km and see our SIGN BOARD on the RIGHT HAND-SIDE of the road, STOP and park your cars by the roadside. Take a comfortable 300 meters walk along the trail to Dusun Ali King Paintball Park.

If you got lost please call Azrai 012-695-0044 or Kamal 012-673-6313 for assistance.

Please see Attachment for location of Dusun Ali King.

For Booking,Pricing & Meals Menu:

For Location/Map: see Attachment or Link below

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dusun Ali King Paintball Promotion 2013

FIELD 1 : Woodsball

FIELD 2 : Recball

YOU GUYS/GALS out there!
Come to Dusun Ali King Paintball Gombak on any day and enjoy the game of 'Paintball' for a very low price.

** Normal Starter Pack ** ( weekday/weekend )
RM80 @ 500 pellets + one meal + drinking water during meal.
** Student Pack ** ( weekend )
RM70 @ 500 pellets + one meal + drinking water during meal.

Bookings, please call:
Azrai : 012-695-0044
Boy : 017 - 232 0084